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Posh Chalk Pigments - Pale Gold 30ml

Posh Chalk Pigments - Pale Gold 30ml

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Vibrant Posh Chalk Pigments at WoodUbend USA come in a range of 10 stunning colors and can be mixed with a varnish to achieve a metallic-look finish or can be mixed with waxes, topcoats, and other media (water-based or oil-based) to achieve stunning effects.  Alternatively, you can sprinkle it directly onto your project, and apply your sealing medium afterward. All of our pigments are suitable for outdoor and indoor use. \n\n \n\n The gold and copper colors, that really do look like these metals, will make your project POP.  Watch liquid gold, silver, and copper appear before your eyes. \n\n \n\n -> PRO TIPS: \n\n A little goes a long way, so use sparingly. \n\n When used with a solvent-based varnish, they dry rapidly.

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