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Vekol Restoration

Dewy Morning - Transfer

Dewy Morning - Transfer

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Transform your home into a haven of dreamy elegance with our captivating Rub-On Transfers. Indulge in the refreshing ambiance of dewy mornings, brought to life anytime you desire!

Discover the effortless enchantment of our Rub-On Transfers, the perfect medium for infusing personality, creativity, and delightful moments into your furniture and beyond. Let your imagination soar as you adorn not just furniture, but also fabric, glass, metal, and more with these versatile transfers. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Belles and Whistles Rub-On Transfers by Dixie Belle Paint Company offer a harmonious blend of affordability and exceptional quality.

Embrace the ethereal charm and embrace the everlasting allure that our Rub-On Transfers bring to your living space. Immerse yourself in the magical ambiance, as dewy morning vibes permeate your home, casting a spell of serenity and beauty.

The Transfer is 24 x 38 inches divided into 4 sheets for easy application.

*Allow paint to dry for 24 hours before applying transfer*

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