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Posh Chalk Textured Paste - Black Graphite 110ml

Posh Chalk Textured Paste - Black Graphite 110ml

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Dark and dusky, the Black Graphite Posh Chalk Textured Paste is infused with Swarovski Crystals to add texture and that bit of glamour to this thick, versatile paste. Ideal for creating a sense of elegance on vintage style projects and perfect for creating raised stencilling when combined with Posh Chalk Stencils.\n\n\n\nThe paste is water-based and scented with essential oils, meaning it smells as beautiful as it looks! It can be used as it comes or easily watered down into a wash.\n\n\n\nAn all-in-one product which is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.\n\n\n\nTreat with a heat gun whilst still wet to create an astonishing raised effect in seconds which is guaranteed to have heads turning.

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